Do I have to have virgin hair if I want to do a creative color such as pastel or bright blue?

It is not absolutely necessary to have virgin hair. However, it makes the journey much easier. If your hair has been previously dyed then there will be color remaining on your hair from that dye. We have to get you to platinum blonde before applying the fashion color to your hair. Yes, even for blue, purple, red or any other dark color. The color will be muddy and fade badly if your hair isn't platinum blonde. 

What is the process I have to go through if I want pastel hair, creative color, unicorn hair, etc? 

This depends on a variety of factors. How long your hair is, what colors you have dyed it previously, what your natural color is, etc. As I said above, we have to get you to platinum blonde before we can apply the fashion color. Even if you want a dark purple/blue/etc. the hair must be platinum. Otherwise the color will be murky and fade badly. So, if you have a short pixie cut this means applying bleach from root to end and letting that process, then toning the hair, then applying the fashion color. If you have hair longer than a pixie cut I do a platinum card by foiling your entire head, every hair, let that process, then apply bleach on scalp, let that process, then tone, then apply the fashion color. The longer your hair, the more you have colored your hair (especially if it has been dyed dark), the thicker your hair, these all play into how complicated the process will be. 

How long of an appointment is it for creative color, pastel hair, etc? 

This varies depending on hair length, dye previously applied, etc. Generally for shorter hair the appointment is 3-4 hours. For longer hair, it can vary greatly depending on what condition the hair is in. If you have virgin mid length hair the appointment is usually around 4-7 hours. However, it can take longer. Also, if I don't think I can get you to the color you want, I will let you know. Sometimes hair dreams don't come true.

Do I need a consultation before getting creative color, unicorn hair, going dark to blonde, etc? 

Yes. Please email me. There is a comment box on my contact page on this website. Email consults are very helpful to determine how long of an appointment we need and to decide if what you want is feasible. 

If I get a creative color how quickly will it fade, what is the maintenance for it? 

Creative colors are very unpredictable. That being said, pastels generally fade very very quickly. Usually within a week or two. The brighter colors such as blue or purple generally last 4-8 weeks. However, sometimes they fade quickly and sometimes they tenaciously hang on. Some things that affect how quickly the color fades are: how often you shampoo, the health of your hair, and environmental factors such as swimming in a pool or lake. 

I want pastel hair, is it hard to maintain? 

Yes. It generally fades very quickly. That being said, if you are a DIY type of person you can reapply the pastel to your hair. There are a variety of companies that make awesome dye. I use Lunar Tides. Also, the upside to a quick fade is that you can change your hair color often. 

I want grey hair, can I have it? 

Maybe. You must have your hair dyed very very platinum first. If there is any yellow in there the color will be muddy with a greenish undertone and it will not fade nicely. Also, similarly to pastel hair the color fades very quickly. Also, just be aware, the pictures on instagram, pinterest, etc. have all been filtered. The grey that you get may look lovely, but it won't have that sparkly sheen that you see on filtered pictures. 

What is the pricing for creative hair color? 

This varies greatly depending on the length of your hair and what has been done to it previously. The price starts at $190 and goes up from there. This is a time consuming, product consuming, labor intensive, knowledge intensive process. It can easily be screwed up and takes someone with experience to do properly. You must get your hair to a platinum blonde before applying any fashion color. Therefore, if you have long hair or previously dyed hair, this becomes a long process. Don't be fooled by instagram, pinterest, etc. Not everyone can have these colors. If your hair has been dyed, especially numerous times, this most likely will not work out for you. 

Will my new color look exactly like the picture I found on instagram, pinterest, etc? 

No. Unfortunately, 99.9% of the pictures of color that you see on social media have been filtered in some way. They will look brighter, or more even, or more magical. Don't be fooled. Your color will look lovely, but not how it looks on the interwebs.

I have hair that has been dyed dark and want to be blonde. Can I do that in one appointment? 

Most likely not. This is a process. Dark hair dye has a lot of red in it. Even if the color has faded, the red is still in there. It doesn't go away. Even if you dyed your hair a year ago. If the hair that was on your head a year ago is still there the color is still there too. So, what to do? Enjoy the process. Be prepared to have warmth in your hair for a while. It is much better to slowly remove the color than to do it in one or two appointments and fry your hair off. Google khloe kardashian hair transformation. A picture will come up of her going from dark to light. Even if you have a gazillion dollars, you still gotta go slowly and have warm toned hair for a while if you want to maintain the health of your hair. That being said, if you have a short pixie crop, you may be able to get pretty light in one day. As always, please contact Sara via email do discuss your options.

Do you use Olaplex? 

Yes. It really helps maintain the health of your hair. Especially when bleach is involved. 

What is toner? 

Toner is most often used when bleaching/lightening hair. All hair has underlying pigment. For dark hair the underlying pigment is very red. The lighter you make the hair the more red is removed and yellow becomes present. Hence, the banana colored blonde you see sometimes. Bleaching is a tool to take color, or pigment, out of the hair. During this process, you are pulling the pigment from the hair, stripping away the color but not adding any color. Toner is the color we add to achieve our desired color tone. It is often a violet based shade to help counteract the warmth of the underlying pigment. 

Is being blonde high maintenance? 

This depends. If you just have a soft balayage blonde that can be touched up only a couple times a year. If you have baby lights/ high lights that can be maintained every 2 months. If you have on scalp bleach blonde/ platinum hair then you need to get it retouched every 4-8 weeks. Also with platinum blonde you will need to tone it fairly often. This is sometimes done in between root retouch appointments. You can also help cut down on brass with at home purple shampoo/conditioner. Platinum blonde is lovely to have but you must keep in mind it is expensive and high maintenance. It will also affect the texture and health of your hair. I use Olaplex which helps with the health of your hair, but it can't fix everything. 

Other things to know about being platinum/bright blonde....

Blonde looks different in different light. It might look sad and warm in your bathroom light but bright and beautiful outside. Keep in mind that lightbulbs can put off a variety of colors that can affect the way you perceive color.

The texture of your hair will change. Especially if you have curly hair. Bleach is amazing but, even with Olaplex, it is changing your hair. Be gentle after you have had your hair lightened. Use a pick or wide toothed comb. Be especially gentle when your hair is wet. Deep condition your hair once a week.